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Prof. Admir Hadžić (DR BLUES) has been at the forefront of academic medicine for over 2 decades. He is a recipient of the most prestigious awards for his research and educational achievements and has been featured by New Your Times Magazine as the best NYC Doctor seven times. He has lectured at top universities, professional organizations and the NASDAQ stock exchange. He has performed with his NYC BIG APPLE BLUES band at stages and festivals throughout the world. Prof. Hadzic has founded and run several intellectual property companies from start-up to licensing and acquisition. He is a publisher of the best-selling medical textbooks (McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing Division) and the founder of one of the largest global education companies in medicine (, read by >5M health care professionals worldwide. He is married and proud father of five.


Dr. Admir Hadžić is board certified in Anesthesiology and Medicine (Columbia University, NY, USA). He served as a Professor of Anesthesiology at the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons (2006-2014), and holds a doctorate degree (PhD) and honorary professorships at Karol Marcinkowski University (Doctor Cum Laude), Poznan, Poland, and at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is also a visiting professor at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL), Belgium, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Prof. Dr. Hadzic practices medicine in USA and Belgium (ZOL, Genk).


Prof. Dr. Admir Hadžić has been at the forefront of academic medicine for >2 decades. His research substantially contributed to the field of anesthesiology, pharmacology,  and medical device industry. Prof. Hadžić has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles, 3 best-selling medical textbooks and several new editions (McGraw-Hill Publishing, NYC, USA). His textbooks have been translated into all major languages, are considered to be the gold standard in anesthesiology, and are used as standard educational curriculum in schools, universities, training programs, and certification curricula worldwide. He has lectured at the most prestigious universities, global scientific congresses, professional medical societies, and at the NASDAQ stock exchange. He is a founder of a professional health-related organization (SciMedBE) specializing in anesthesiology, pain management, perioperative care, ICU, pharma and medical device research. He is the medical director at New York School of Anesthesia (NYSORA) and e-learning platform




Prof. Hadzic has founded and ran several intellectual property companies from the R&D, to regulatory approval, manufacturing, and distribution to successful licensing and acquisitions. He is also a founder of SciMedBe, a professional research organization specializing in perioperative care, ICU, pharma and device research. He consults for pharma, medical device industry, and medico legal entities. Admir (DRBLUES) has owned a record label (StoneToneRecords) and co-owns a music recording studio in Brooklyn, NY. He has recently founded a high-end, artisanal brewery in Belgium ( and runs the wellness institute Inspired.Health, in Leuven, Belgium. His latest venture are e-learning (Home | PocketEDU) and a digital creative and marketing agency, specializing for the needs of the medical industry (VisionExpo Design). He is a principal at MedXpress.Pro, an intellectual property, and medical device manufacturing entity.


DR BLUES founded BIG APPLE BLUES in 2010 as a New York City-based collective of NYC blues scene veterans. The band members have shared the stage with some of the all time blues & roots greats: Hugh Pool, NYC Blues Hall of Famer (Chris Whitley, Government Mule, Levon Helm, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Canned Heat), guitarist Zach Zunis (Lester Butler & Red Devils, William Clark, Rick Holmstrom, Ronnie Earl, Janiva Magness), harmonica wizard Anthony Kane (Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Kane Brothers), drummer Barry “Baron of the Blues” Harrison (Johny and Shamekia Copeland, Saron Cranshaw, Steve Guyger), and Hammond B3 master himself, James Alfredson. Learn more about BIG APPLE BLUES and its critically acclaimed albums at

Admir Hadzic’s (DR BLUES) life has always revolved around music. As a teenager, he worked as a touring DJ, as a recording engineer (EU, NYC). He has played bass guitar in several bands, and patented instrument amplification and sound enforcement systems.

 DR BLUES has shared the stage and toured globally with top NYC and other national acts such as

NYC Blues Hall of Famer Hugh Pool ( ), Barry Harrison (, Zach Zunis (, Mason Casey (, Anthony Kane ( – the son of one of the most famous music photographers of all times art Kane (, James Wormorth (, Sim Cain (, Tom Papadatos (, Jason Ricci (, James Alfredson ( to name a few.

Dr. Blues currently leads the Big Apple Blues ( This blues-roots fusion band’s original, critically acclaimed music, has been described by music critics as “Big Apple Blues Sound”. Big Apple Blues’ music can be heard on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube, and all other major music streaming platforms.



Admir has founded the multiple Awards-Winning DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® beer (DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® – Finest Belgian Beers). DR BLUES beers are hand-crafted in the DR BLUES BEER™ CLINIC in Belgium with pharmacy-like attention to detail. DR BLUES prescribes the beer treatment, the PHARMACIST (brewer) writes the beer prescription, and Dr. Blues’ NURSE (Emily) dispenses it. Gifts of pure nature, DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® mature listening to 30,000 Wats of BigAppleBlues music & aspire to be the very best in quality and luxury.

With top Belgian master brewers, DR BLUES has captured the magic of beer in 5 prescriptions: PainKiller©, NerveBlock©, SuperPills©, PaceMaker©, and non-alcoholic Placebo©. DR BLUES does not promote drinking. Instead, he brews his recipes for the lucky and consenting few who, like him, insist on a unique story & experience for special occasions.

DR Blues luxury beer prescriptions are featured in finest restaurants, and liquor shops in Belgium, and can be ordered on-line and shipped worldwide at DR BLUES BELGIAN BREWS® – Finest Belgian Beers website.



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